Artist Statement
I create images with inspiring messages using three new art forms. My enthusiasm for life, and artistic expression motivate me to integrate themes of hope and love into my art.

In my first body of work, I stage basic materials, such as cloth, metal, rubber, and glass, then photograph them with my 35 mm camera. I transform each into a new artistic reality.

In my second, starting with a blank screen and an idea, I create precision works of art through extensive pixel manipulation.

And, thirdly, I create works incorporating one or more round or elliptical images, using one or both of the above processes. The rich and varied symbolism of such elements inspires me to create exceptionally luminous works with an emphasis on the sacred, unity, and peace.

My original limited editions are hand-signed, numbered, and dated. Each is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. I use the finest museum quality materials.


Deborah’s childhood home in Chicago was filled with fine art, classical music and literature. Her mother, a Juillard-educated concert pianist, nurtured Deborah's passion for art by giving and organizing concerts at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago in the 1970's. Entranced by these performances and the art on display at the museum, Deborah spent many years exploring the synergy of contemporary art and avant-garde music.

Deborah's formal art education began at the prestigious Francis W. Parker School, where she experienced a variety of art forms and mediums. She loved to draw still life subjects, Victorian homes, and historic buildings. In high school she audited figure drawing classes under Seymour Rosofsky at City Colleges of Chicago. Later, under tutelage of Joseph Zirker at Stanford University's summer program she produced monotypes where the use of huge flatbed presses was instrumental in her production of larger works. These large works marked the beginning of her journey into abstract art.

Today, Deborah uses new art forms to create her original editioned works of art. With her artistic voice, and love of art and life, she hopes to find a way through her art, to help our planet.